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pokermikey wrote a review about Cadillac Jack's in Deadwood, SD

Finally after 2 mos!

We heard this was the only live poker room in a casino in the USA (5/15/2020) so we hit the road and also saw Mt. Rushmore! Dealers are top notch. Constantly spraying & cleaning seats, table and cards. Complimentary alcohol and red bull was so nice! Cash/paper plays on table! "Run it twice" is an option. No cap buy-in games. These are bet, raise, re-raise, cap games(3raises) btw unless heads-up then it becomes unlimited raises. Hand shuffle. Only playing 4 handed right now but rumors of 6 handed soon but with plexiglass dividers on table. They are playing with only one big blind now. They opened a $10-$500 anytime no cap buy in game w/ one $10 big blind and the button was straddling for $20+. Great action with the right line-up! Right now they are short dealers for the amount of players actually wanting to play since only allowing 4 players per table! There was 4 tables running this weekend w/ games starting around noon & playing till 5am or so the next day. They had enough players for 3-4 more tables. So many tourists/out of state players due to covid19 shutdown restrictions in their own states playing there right now!

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