west palm beach home game

Question by baruk420 Posted

we have a warehouse unit open and im looking to start a
1/3 home game .

we have food , drinks beer and multiple tvs.

if interested please leave me your number i will add you on the list

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  1. I will play. Steve 904-993-1753

  2. Is there a game tonight? 951-207-1003

  3. Awesome
    (407) 878-4679

  4. I will play. Troy 9546684977

  5. 3862812808

  6. Looking for a game soon! Give me a text I’m very interested in a 1/3 or 2/5

  7. Do you have enough players yet.

  8. 323 996 8006

  9. I’m hoping we get the game tnght

  10. @Acesfull290 I’m in

  11. I’d like to join as well. Joe: 561-859-7047. Please txt with details. Thanks!

  12. @jtex316 I want to host a game tonight. Anyone interested