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Happy New Year everybody! This will be my thread/blog for 2020. Here I will post all things that happen to me while dealing or playing poker over the next 12 months. Thanks for reading!


  1. Starting the new year off with a bang! I just booked all my travel and accommodations for the first half of the year. I will be playing the RunGood Poker Series twice- at the Horseshoe in Council Bluffs, IA from February 4-6, and at Harrah's North Kansas City from April 21-23. I also took Thursday, March 19th off to play at Meskwaki casino while the Mid-States Poker Tour is in town. And then there's the big daddy- I booked my flight and hotel for my annual Las Vegas trip, this time for May 25th through the 31st, with the focus being WSOP event #1, the casino employee event. I bailed 2 days early last year, but unless something absolutely horrible happens, I don't anticipate leaving early this year. If my poker play isn't good, I'll just find alternative things to do. Seven days is a long trip, but I have the vacation time to burn and I need the time away from work. Good luck to me!

  2. Well, the bad beat went off in my room today, and once again, it happened on the cash table I was not dealing. And yet another table games dealer dealt it. That's at least 5 table games dealers that have dealt it, and I have yet to in my 3.5 years for dealing. *Sigh* It was a table full of locals, too. The funniest part was that it happened about 20 minutes after the tournament started, so the supervisors were super busy. Anyway, I figure I've got about 21 more years of dealing before I retire. I'd like to deal the bad beat at least a few times in that span.

  3. Played for a bit in my room today. I want to play a few times before the RunGood in 4 weeks, but I originally wasn't going to play today until my ex called and suggested it. I was going to be there a little after starting time, so we didn't play together beforehand. When I got there, she was already in, so I got my seat assignment on an adjoining table. It did not go well for me- I had only a couple of playable hands and bricked all of them. So, when I got 6h6c in MP in level 3 (t100/200), I opened to t750 over 1 limp. The button called, as did the UTG limper. Flop was Q-3-4 two hearts. It checked to me, so I shoved my t4150 stack. OTB folded, but UTG called with AhKh. No waiting for him as the heart fell on then turn and I lost all of my chips. I could have played it slower, sure, but I was fairly certain I was ahead at the time and I wanted to make it very painful to call. Credit to him for having the guts to put most of his chips at risk on a draw. Anyway, I got into a cash game immediately, and it didn't start very well at all. In summary, I was folding when I should have called, and vice-versa. The first misstep was when I played Q3o and the flop was J-T-9. A player shoved for less than $100 so I made the call. I totally bricked that draw and lost a few small pots, so within the first half hour, I had to add $100. Then, with KdJd in the SB, it was raised to $21 in MP and two others called. Everything inside of me was saying play the hand, but given the situation- my bad position and a marginal hand- I folded. Flop was all diamonds. Dammit! I would have won a huge pot. I also folded KcJc that would have flopped top pair and a club draw. I shook those hands oof and took the seat of the first guy I doubled up. It finally turned around for me. By this time, my ex busted the tournament and joined me at my cash table. There was another dealer there also and he tried to make a joke about women wearing plaid shirts- which she had on- looking like lesbian truck drivers, which is her current line of work. We all groaned but had a good laugh at his expense. My ex and I never clashed in any pots, but I did raise one of them to get her, and everyone else, out, and it worked. I won a good sized pot when my 99 held against overcards, and when my TT also held against a mystery hand, likely a lower pair. My ex doubled up with AA in that span- not against me, thankfully- and then left, saying her lucky hands had gone away. She ended up a small amount for the day. I stayed and played for a bit longer. One of my last hands was JsTs. I believe I made a small raise and got called in a couple of spots. The flop was As-Ks-6h. A gutshot royal draw! I made a small bet and got one caller. Turn was 9s. I bet big to try to look like a bluff, but everyone folded. That got me up to $645 in my stack, and since it was almost time to get something to eat, I racked up and left. After fearing I was going to start 2020 in the red after my awful first hour, I left with a decent profit of $245 in the cash game, and $175 for the day after you subtract the tournament entry. If I can get rid of the bad play, it should be a good year.

  4. @zzjitterzz reminds me of the old days I rarely ever check here now . Look forward to hearing more

  5. Yeah there aren't too many of us left anymore. I still miss AVP and the only reason I post here is basically I don't have any other place to put it.

    Well, the bad beat went off again, this time late last Wednesday night. I heard it was quad deuces beaten by a steel wheel. It was the overnight dealer that dealt it this time. I want to say it's the third time he's dealt it, and, yes, he was hired after me. I'm just never going to deal it.

  6. @zzjitterzz Glad you started 2020 off well. Keep working on removing the bad play from your game and just improving your game overall. It's a long road, but worth it to do.

    P.S. yeah there aren't many of us old AVPers left.

  7. Played in my room earlier today to get some volume in before the RunGood Council Bluffs in two weeks. I got there just after the tournament started but didn't have to wait to get seated. My second hand was AA and open-raised. I got a couple streets of value and won the pot. However, many of the subsequent hands bricked out, and my raises weren't being respected, so I got frustrated and open-shoved with AsTs. I got called by AcQc and KTo- oops! But I caught a miracle ten on the flop and held on to bust them both. That got me a respectable stack of t9600 on the first break, and I promised myself to play better. The guy to my right was an idiot who claimed he had vision problems but I suspected it was a ruse. He would limp with anything, including AA and QQ on his first two hands, and got rewarded often. I doubled him when he was short when my AhKh in the BB lost to his JhTh in the SB. But he blinded himself down with his limping strategy so I didn't get a chance to get them back. I doubled again with KK which held against a combo draw, but I had only t15k at the second break, which would be 3.75bb coming back. I got a piece of German Chocolate Cake from the concession stand to console myself. We were down to two tables, but I was in shove mode, so I did with KsTs and won the blinds. Card death set in so when I got T9o in the SB, I shoved over one limper. The BB folded, but the limper called with 77. The flop was 6-X-8, so if he made a set, I get a straight. It was brick-brick though, so I was out in 14th, just short of the money. No matter, because they opened a new cash game with an exciting lineup- several loose players, including a fellow off-duty dealer. In the very first hand, I get KK and make a standard raise. I get 3 callers and the flop is K-Q-K. Bazinga! I check because I want others to stay in, so one player bets, one calls, and I call. Turn is another Q. Checks around. River is a third Q! I get excited, because if someone has AQ, we have a qualifying bad beat. I bet and get called, rolling over the nuts to be immediately up. It turns out that a player folded Q2o preflop so it was out there, but that wouldn't have qualified. I would have just won all of his chips. Anyway, much like the tournament, I bricked all draws in the next several hands. I won a few small pots, then the hand that made the day- I get JsTs and call a decent raise in one of the blinds. A few other players have also called and we see a flop of 4s-3s-Jx. Good for me! I make a bet of $75, or about 2/3rds pot, and get one caller. Turn is a Tx. My stack to pot ratio is just about right, so I shove $255. My opponent tanks for a bit, but decides to gamble, and calls with 52o. Thankfully, the river bricked and I get the full double up. That was an out-of-character call for him, so his wife, who was sitting between us, and I speculate he was calling out of frustration. I go on a bit of lockdown after that, and my cards shriveled up, plus I finished the piece of cake, so I left about a half hour later with $770, up $470 for the cash session, and $400 on the day after tournament costs. I tell, ya, who needs tournament results when you run good in cash games to make up for it and then some? Not this guy, but I would like to cash big in two weeks at the RunGood like I did last year.

  8. @DapPoker Yep, I miss the old days too. Loved the private meet-up tourneys we had, and hooking up with others whenever anyone was in town. I rarely check in here anymore either. The OG of AVP Facebook page is still fairly active though.

  9. Well, I was supposed to play PLO at my home casino last night to prepare for the RunGood next week, but a friend wanted to be consoled over margaritas, so I did that instead, and I was supposed to play the tournament and cash games with my ex today, but my body decided it needed rest, so I didn't go. My ex called me after she got done to say she didn't do well playing and she wasn't feeling well either, so maybe I dodged a bullet by staying out of the poker room this week. I guess I'm as prepared as I can be for the RunGood next week. Let's Go!

  10. I did not dodge a bullet by not playing yesterday- the bad beat went off again. What makes it even worse is that it went off about a half hour after my ex left. I'm probably overthinking it, but had I toughed it out and just went and played even though I didn't feel well, maybe we would have been in that cash game. She told me she didn't want to play in the new game that opened, where it hit, because it didn't look good to her and she wasn't feeling well enough to keep playing. If I could go back in time and have only 1 margarita Monday night, I would. Anyway, that's 3 times it's hit this month, and 6 times in the past 3 and a half months. There's been discussion of tightening the requirements to qualify for it, but these are the same requirements we had a few years ago when it didn't hit for 9 months and got all the way up to $247k. Thankfully, a dealer that's been with us for about 10 years dealt it. I'll probably deal it now that it's $6800, lol.

  11. I played in my room earlier today. When I got there, a very juicy cash game was on the first table and I almost didn't play the tournament to join it. In retrospect, I should have! I got there right after it started and got seated immediately. I was card dead for the first 4 levels and had a t6000 stack at the first break, which was good considering I was down to t1900 right before break, so I started shoving and got several through. I continued that after the break and got up to t10k, but never really got above a 10bb stack. The real problem today was that I shoved over a limp three times and got tank-called by big hands. I guess that's the new method, and I guess the response is to limp and reevaluate on the flop. Anyway, the last one left me with 2bbs, and then I look down at AA, lol, so I shove, but get 4 callers, of course. The big stack makes two pair to bust me. I get a piece of German chocolate cake and get on the list for the cash games. I get seated an hour later. The composition at the table I looked at earlier had changed considerably, so I table-changed to the other one. I'm glad I did! A dealer with whom I always do well pushed in, and I looked at AKo and raised. I got two callers and we saw a flop of 2-K-K. I c-bet $20 and they both called. The turn was a blank and I bet $40 and got one caller. The river was the case king! I bet $100 to look like a steal and got called! He didn't show so I have no idea what I was up against. Later in her down, I call a $16 raise with 44, because I figure quad 4s is 16, so why not. There are 3 or 4 players and we see a flop of K-Q-6. We check through. Turn is a 4! I bet $25 and get two callers, including the same guy from before. The river is the last 4! This time, my $50 bet goes uncalled. I roll over my quads and get oohs and ahhs. This same dealer also flopped me the nut straight and upgraded me to an OESFD on the turn, where I won the pot. Those were my three big pots. I did give some back to my quads victim when I shoved with 77 on a 5-5-4-2 two heart board and he called off with a flush draw and got there. I left after just over an hour up $150 in the cash game, way down from my +$330 peak, but a good win nonetheless. I am now 0-for-5 in tournaments, but 4-for-4 in making money playing cash, which means I'm positive for the year. I would like to cash at least a few tournaments. I'm so it will come.

    Oh yeah, and I am writing a trip report for my trip to Horseshoe Council Bluffs two weeks ago. I'll get it posted soon, I swear.

  12. Played in my room earlier tonight. Typically, I eat with my parents on Monday night, but they weren't available today, so I had an opportunity to play the $1/2/5 PLO/PLO8 game that goes on Mondays. I got there right after the game started at a quarter to 5pm and got the last open seat. I bought in for $500, which wasn't the lowest amount, surprisingly. I don't remember the specific hands, but I know I was mostly card dead, so when I played a hand, I was aggressive. That got me up a few hundred, which I gave back, thanks to another series of unplayable hands. But right before I left, I got a few good hands. One that stuck out was As5s5c4c during PLO8. I flopped a flush draw and a decent low and my opponent and I got it in the middle. He actually made a straight and had the same low, but I caught my flush on the river to get 3/4. I also won a few hands with aggression but card death set in once again so I racked up and left. I ended up +$345 after 4.5 hours, which was down from the early peak, but a good win nonetheless. One of my goals this year was to play more PLO, so this was part one of that goal. I will play this game again when I can, and I am for sure going to play this summer in Vegas, including the $1/1 PLO game at Flamingo. Should be fun!

  13. Played in my room for a bit today. I got there just after the tournament started and got seated immediately. It looked sparsely attended, and, in fact, we only got 60 entries.
    My table was wild and the chips were flying. I got it in preflop with AdKd against QQ, got one diamond on the flop, the QD turned, but I bricked my flush draw to lose chips.
    But then, I doubled up KQ vs. JT, T-A-X, J, X runout and busted a shorty with 99 to his AK.
    I bled off a few chips but then I got a critical double up on the last hand before break
    with AJo against Td9d to get up to t14,800 at the first break.
    I went super card dead after the break and bled all the way down to 8.5bbs, so when I looked at Kh9h, I shoved over a 2x open.
    I got called by him and one other player, and we saw a flop of T-T-J. They get it all-in and roll over AT and QQ, and I'm drawing dead.
    The field was dropping quickly, so I finished in about 18th after only 2 hours.
    I got right into a cash game that looked really good. I lost almost $100 right away but I didn't reload and started on the uptick. Once I got to over $100 profitable, I started blind raising over the straddle. I actually caught several good hands in that position and my big flop raises won pots.
    Then, the big hand of the session occurred: with 88 in early position, I called a raise and 3 of us saw a flop of 8-7-2. I led out $30, got raised to $80, got shoved on for over $250 (I cover), I called, and the initial raiser called for less. Turn was a somewhat scary 6, but the river was a very reassuring 8. Quads are obviously good. That got me over $1000 and I was feeling good.
    Later in the session, I had KJo and opened to $20. The BB 3-bet to $65 and I was the only caller. Before we go to the flop, he blind-bets $110. The flop was King-high and I thought for a bit, but called. He said "very interesting." Turn was a blank, he checked, and I checked. River was a Queen. He checked, and I checked behind. He had AQo so my top pair was good. That got me to about $1120. Just a few dollars more and I would have my biggest cashout at my home casino.
    I didn't win any big hands for the rest of the session, and in fact, I bled off $120, so I cashed out after 3 hours for $1000.
    So, I was +$700 in the cash game, and +$630 for the day, and I'm now 0-for-6 in tournaments, and 6-for-6 profitable in cash games.
    I would like to have at least one big tournament score this year, but I'm not complaining. If I could choose, I'll take a super deep finish at the WSOP and I'll be comfortable with not cashing any other tournament this year.

  14. I see the blog is back up at least through the January posts, so I figured I'd give it a bump.

  15. @DapPoker too bad it doesn't bumanf nice cash games zz

  16. Yeah, I'm back, but none of my posts from this year are here. They're supposed to be looking into it. We'll see if they come back. If not, *shrug emoji*

  17. Well, it doesn't appear that my posts will return. Much like when they lost AVP in a "server upgrade." Anyway, I'll just update what's going on: My casino shut down on March 16th but they're still paying us average hourly AND tip rate through May 2nd. I've had to cancel 2 poker trips already, and Southwest emailed me the other day saying they cancelled my upcoming Vegas flight for me. I'm still going to keep my hotel reservation for now, because that can be cancelled without penalty up to the day before. Obviously, getting there is going to be a problem, if it happens at all. With each passing day, I think the likelihood of the WSOP occurring as scheduled diminishes. I'll still go it if they hold it later in the year. I got on Global poker last month and started off with a bang- I cashed in 5 of the first 6 tournaments I played, including 2 wins. I haven't played much since but if this goes on much longer I'll play on there more. The action is pretty good. I miss live poker and can't wait to both deal and play it.

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  19. Apparently I can't post my most recent update because it contains HTML tags, which I assure you, it does not.

  20. Let's try a shorter update post. I'm being furloughed on Sunday. I am eligible for unemployment, but I might find a temp job because I don't like sitting on my ass collecting government checks. I cancelled my room reservation for my May Vegas trip because they postponed the World Series. I think I saw that they're going to pay out all my accrued vacation hours in my last paycheck next week, but I also heard that requirement was being waived, so I hope I have some I can use later in the year. I want to go back to work. When we open back up, they'll call us back by seniority. I'm in the lower third but there's only 11 poker dealers so they might call us back all at once. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

  21. Yay! My posts are back!

  22. yes they are how is the furlough going , is there any talk of your casino reopening