I'm a fish

Strategy & Advice by EliRez about Encore Boston Harbor Posted

How to I get better?


  1. Understanding and analyzing why you lose hands. understanding position play and bet sizing. And just play play play, I got better because I played so much, but understood why I lost and stopped playing those hands in that situation.

  2. Play less hands.

  3. You have to put in as much time studying the game as you do playing it. Read books, study videos, and learn the math/statistics of the game.

  4. All the other comments are correct. You have to study... read as much as possible, Doug Polk has a great free newsletter, watch videos, play as much as possible. Understand that you can play the hand perfectly and still lose. Understanding the swings of the games and why you won and lost will help. But as one pro put it sometimes you just have people that will always lose at the table. I hope you're not one of those but if you are I hope to see you at my table in Vegas.

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