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Rocketpoker92 wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Ballys Room Review--One of the best comps in Las Vegas.

This is my second review in a short period of time. I have decided to give it all 5 because I truly believe they deserve it.

I have played poker at both the old room and the current room. The current local is a lot better than the old location, which was located near the casino floor, next to a bar and the crap tables for two reasons: 1) You can smell the smoke, especially cigars coming from the bar and 2) It can get really, really loud from those crap tables.

I think Bally's poker players are some of the easiest players to beat, but at the same time, because a lot of them will play any 2 cards and will chase it down to the river, anything can happen. If you are patient, you can make a living at this $1/$2 NL. Unfortunately, I think I have gotten as many bad beats (Not the Mega Bad Beats) as anyone playing there.

I love the dealers here. They are friendly and competent. However, there are a couple of dealers that I don't like to play with. They are friendly, but I always seem to lose when they are dealing.

It is a lot faster now than when it was in the old room because they can get their drink at the bar nearby. Before, I think the waitresses have to go to a back room nearby that big slot machine to get their drinks. I only drink Heineken and Red Bull, and they are cold.

The room is well-managed and the decisions are equitable toward old and new players. The player list is organized, as they have the time next to players' names, so no one can accuse of being skipped. They welcome call-ins. They try to balance the tables, but you can always request to be moved to another table, and they will accommodate your request as soon as possible.

Okay, this is a little bit tricky, but it is one of the best in Las Vegas if you need a room to stay for free on the weekdays. I don't know how long this promotion lasts, but by playing 6 hours from 12:01 am till 11:59pm, you can earn a free room from Sunday-Thursday. You need to book the room through Bally's though--not through Orbitz or something like that. After six hours, you can go to management, and they will check and confirm and give you a voucher to apply to your room. In addition, every hour of play earns you $1 and 17 tier credit points.

The jackpot is a Mega jackpot. I think it is more than $600,000 now.

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