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Eclypse wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Good room, good fun, great action!

This poker room is located directly in the center of the casino floor, right next to Sully's Bar but feels like a part of the casino and is not sectioned off which leaves a great deal of foot traffic bringing novices into the room. I like the involved feeling the room has instead of being shut away in a hidden, quiet corner.

Aside from a few rock solid players the Bally's poker room is populated predominately by inexperienced players. There is often a morning lesson table which turns into a game full of fish (even if it is 2/4 limit) and their no limit game is soft and juicy with a $300 max buy-in that a lot of newer players utilize (or you get the minimum $100 buy-in players who "want to try this poker thing" and drop their cash in a hurry).

The dealers are friendly and accurate and vary from very quiet to bouncy and excited. It is plain that several of the dealers are fairly fresh out of school but that fits in with the room theme.

If my grandmother were a track-star she would work in the Bally's poker room. The room is directly by the bar which makes cocktails come out super-fast even when the room is packed.

They seem to be knowledgable as well as fair and equitable in their descisions and are always very helpful putting your name on the electronic list and in getting you seated quickly.

The room rate is somewhat of a mystery even to the employees but it does exist with 5 hours each day of play. I got a $72 rate mid-week and it jumped to $100 on the weekend, which is not bad considering how nice the suites are.

They also give something like $0.50/hr on $2/4 limit and $1.00/hr on everything else which they will credit you either for food (like the buffets or cafe at Bally's OR Paris!) or will credit your money to your room charges. Unfortunately the points do not go on your Total Reward card like table play or slots, but they keep track separately in poker.

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