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Clacy0301 wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Harrassed by a player and the floor couldn't care any less

I am not from Vegas, but my husband and I come out here multiple times a year. We stay at Bally's the majority of the time and choose to play there and give our gambling business to their poker room. Tonight, my husband and I along with two friends decided to play poker there. Immediately upon sitting down, I was disrespected, talked down to and made to feel uncomfortable. The poker player continued to make comments and stare me down until he made a scene and changed to different table claiming he needed a positive aura. Even while at that new table, he continues to harass me. Whenever I would get up, he would position himself to stare at me, laugh and make snide comments. Finally, it became enough. I told the supervisor what happened and asked for him to say something so that things did not escalate even more and get out of control. He said he would, but I did not see him go over and talk to this player. And obviously the player continued, making for a horrible experience. While I understand that Bally's cannot be held responsible for the character of the people they allow to play, the supervisor did absolutely nothing to make me feel more comfortable and I am appalled at his complete disregard for my feelings.
Tulio and the arrogant late night supervisor are the absolute worst.

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