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Poker Tables:
18 Tables
Daily, 11:30am-1am

Announcements from Boston Billiard Club & Casino

Join Rampage and Johnnie Vibes for a 2-day Meet Up Game, featuring High Hands and a $250 Buy-In Tournament! Play with the celebs starting 5/30 from 6-11PM with a $400 hourly High Hand where the winners also earn a buy-in for our 5/31 tourney!

5/31 $250 Buy-In Tourney features Rampage & Johnnie Vibes, as well as longtime pro Bernard Lee. Share the felt with the celebs and knock one out to win back your buy-in. 12 tables cap.

Memorial Day, 5/31, will also feature $10K in High Hand prizes!
12-4PM $500 every 30 min
4-5PM $2,000
5-9PM $500 every 30 min
9-10PM $2,000

Mystery High Hands
12-8PM Hourly
Envelopes contain prizes from $300 - $2,000
Omaha (flop only) and Hold'em

Poker Plinko Plus+
2-10PM Hourly High Hands
$2,000 Top Prize
When $2,000 prize is NOT hit, we'll add an extra $1,000 for the following week!

12-2pm- $2,000
2-4pm - $500
4-6pm - $500
6-8pm - $2,000
8-10pm - $500

Hold’em & Omaha High Hands
Noon - 11PM
$300 to Each Game HOURLY
Includes Royal Rollover Bonus for Omaha & Hold'em. Grows $500 per week when not hit.

30 Minute Thursdays
$300 High Hands every Half Hour!
Omaha (flop only) and Hold'em

Big payouts early AND late!
$1,500 - 1PM
$400 - 2-10PM Hourly
$1,500 - 11PM
Omaha (flop only) and Hold'em

3–11PM Hourly
$300 High Hand
+$200 Straight Flush Bonus (carries over hourly)
+$500 Royal Flush Bonus

Poker Room Features

Poker Room Details

Venue Type
Card Room
Comps & Promotions
BBC&C Player Card holders earn $0.50 per hour. All cash games will offer a $4 max rake with a $1 promo drop (no promo drop in 5/10 NL games).