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Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
20 Tables
Daily, 11:30am-1am (opens at 11am on all Monday holidays).

Announcements from Boston Billiard Club & Casino

Mystery High Hands
12-8PM Hourly
Envelopes contain prizes from $300 - $2,000
Omaha (flop only) and Hold'em

Poker Plinko Plus+
2-10PM Hourly High Hands
$2,000 Top Prize
When $2,000 prize is NOT hit, we'll add an extra $1,000 for the following week!

12-2pm- $2,000
2-4pm - $500
4-6pm - $500
6-8pm - $2,000
8-10pm - $500

Hold’em & Omaha High Hands
Noon - 11PM
$300 to Each Game HOURLY
Includes Royal Rollover Bonus for Omaha & Hold'em. Grows $500 per week when not hit.

30 Minute Thursdays
$300 High Hands every Half Hour!
Omaha (flop only) and Hold'em

Big payouts early AND late!
$1,500 - 1PM
$400 - 2-10PM Hourly
$1,500 - 11PM
Omaha (flop only) and Hold'em

3–11PM Hourly
$300 High Hand
+$200 Straight Flush Bonus (carries over hourly)
+$500 Royal Flush Bonus

Recent BBCC Reviews

zunde93 wrote a review about BBCC in Nashua, NH


ive been playing here off and on for a couple years. The room is overall a good one. the dealers are great the action... Read More

whiterice wrote a review about BBCC in Nashua, NH


Great place to play poker, cheap house rake, great foods and drinks. Only one small problem. There is no shuffle... Read More

  • Thank you for the kind remarks.
    In response to the decks;
    1. At Boston Billiard Club & Casino, the trays have...

prgarland wrote a review about BBCC in Nashua, NH

Nice room.

Clean. Professional. Friendly. Mask compliance mandatory. Asked about a weekly 5/10 O/8 game since CT and MA games... Read More

grumpydad wrote a review about BBCC in Nashua, NH

very enjoyable

I usually play at Encore. First time here yesterday. 3 1/2 hrs. Great dealers. Great lady's getting drinks. Great... Read More

RSkinner wrote a review about BBCC in Nashua, NH

Great Room

The best room in northern New England by leaps and bounds. Everyone from the management, dealers, and wait staff are... Read More

GYMMM wrote a review about BBCC in Nashua, NH


Showing 6 tables running before their open. How do they account for that? BravoPokerLive App shows no games running &... Read More