Poker Tables:
60 Tables
Closed (11:30am - 6:00am)
Minimum Age:
11:30am - 6:00am
11:30am - 6:00am
11:30am - 6:00am
11:30am - 6:00am
11:30am - 6:00am
11:30am - 6:00am
11:30am - 6:00am
DezzzNuts wrote a review about Best Poker in Houston, TX

You can’t call your self the Best when the owner is the worst

1. 25 tables in the room not 60 tables.
2.Parking sucks to many local businesses to park.
3. Inconsistency is the best part about this poker room.
4.Owner is there everyday and seem to run the show, probably why the inconsistency.
Its quite obvious, this happens all the time in this industry.
why hire a gm then ?????
5. Tournament directors can’t balance tables.
6.No cash game at all. They lie on atlas to get you in.
7. Go support a real club down the freeway called Ace City Poker.
Or 101 Katy yea they rake but I can get a steak or anything on the menu for free.
best poker offers little Caesars pizza and a shopping plaza of food I have to get myself since wait staff speak all spanish and can’t understand my order.
Nothing against wait staff but how can people order anything with a language barrier. This is not a Mexican restaurant but @#$% that would have been a better success.
Best Mexican Restaurant coming soon.
8.The owner argued with players on facebook poker groups and then was blocked from poker groups.
Can’t call your self the best being mean to players, worst PR ever.
9. Tournament players be aware of the rake in your buy in, which is barely given back to players. The give away is basically tournament players money not in prize pool or house fees and probably used to finance the place slowy going under. All tournament player can see this in the math, numbers don’t lie.
10. Tournaments run like @#$%, there alway fixing the tournaments in atlas in the middle of play.
Daily/weekly Tournament on atlas frequently change due to
owner/people opinion on facebook page,
Not enough dealers the first couple weeks. This place was ridiculously packed with players but couldn’t play due to lack of dealers.
No dealer rotation. Only one deck in play,
no counting stubs by dealers.
Your best at being the worst.

Food and Drink
  • Good afternoon, and thanks for your review.
    1: We will assume you didn't see the other side of Best Poker. We have more tables and enough room for 100+ .
    2: Parking, we have over 600 in the front and 150 more in the back. When we get valet running, this will not be an issue ever.
    3: Best Poker is new , rearranging things to make them better is not a bad thing.
    4: Exactly, the owner must be present in order to help make things better.
    5: we have made changes on the staff. We wont disagree there could have been an issue early on, however things run great.
    6:We recommend players to come and see for themselves. There is absolutely zero reason to post something thats not true.
    7: Steak is good. Your paying for it and greatly. At $250 rake per hour, it should be steak daily. We are not a restaurant, nor plan to be. We charge time how its suppose to be. So yes steak is not coming anytime soon, however we do offer complimentary food and drinks. All on our expense.
    8: We are very active in all groups.
    9: The atlas is very transparent about fees, and simple math can show it. If anything players should check the rebuy and addons from other clubs which are almost untraceable, we do re-entry here.
    10: Yes we had to fix the tournaments somedays because of an error. Even at the WSOP, this has been down before as well.
    11: We have covered every tournament with dealers every time. And will continue so.

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Current Promotion at Best Poker


Per every 50 hours of live cash play, get $250 CASH.

ROYAL FLUSH. Hit the best hand in poker and get $500. Both hole cards must play. Cash and tournaments qualify.

HIGH HANDS EVERY 30 MIN RANGING FROM $100-$1000 on cash tables only



Aces full of kings or better beat by a superior hand. Both hole card must play. On Texas Holdem tables only.ALSO QUALIFIES IN TOURNAMENTS

Best Poker is the best place for live poker and tournaments. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, we’ll save you a seat at the table!
Our spacious, smoke-free Poker Room will feature:
60+ poker tables with No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha High, and Omaha Hi-Lo
Daily Tournaments
Complimentary Wi-Fi
USB charging ports
Complimentary Tableside drink and service
Waiting area
The friendliest dealers around!
Fantastic Floors
Top-notch Security
Plus, the best promotions in Houston.

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