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JohnS wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Caesars Is Not All That Great

Good room but I would like to play somewhere that people now the rules and understand the game.

As for the tourneys they take way too much vig and noticed that the some of fees go towards the staff when it should be going to the dealers the company needs to pay their management more money.

Dealers are very good and care about the customer.

You can get better drinks at Harrahs casino then you can at Caesars Palace whats with that.

Room is managed very poorly. The poker room manager does not have alot of experiance that I could tell when I had a conversation with him. Floors are not very knowledgable about rules and there was one situation where a floor had to be called over and the poker room manager was walking be and was stopped to make a floor call and he didnt even know the answer. He had to go and get a thats funny.

Comps are bad. They took away the high end liquor away for the room which has caused alot of players to leave the room. This is Caesars Palace, Harrahs flagship propety and the poker room manager took away liquor and room service just to be cheap and it shows.

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