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rupertpupkin wrote a review about Harrah's Joliet in Joliet, IL

PLO Cash Game Nightmare

This @#$% dealer, can't remember his name, Paul I guess. Misdeals the hand and gives wrong pot amount ($250). The guy raises 250 on the turn & has like 300 behind, I decide to shove all in for 700 in the hopes of giving him a chance to fold. As soon as I announce I am all in, he opens his @#$% mouth saying the pot was more like 370 then he forgets there is a third person in the hand and goes back to the better and says you are atleast in for 250 u may fold or put 120 more. Now, why would I go all in if it was 370. I was so confused still decided to push all in and I had to say there is another guy still in the hand. He folds and the better calls his last 100 or so. I would have only called or folded if that was the case. Not to mention the misdeal gave the guy a better hand. Cost me 500 bucks. Never going back to this place.

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