Horseshoe Las Vegas formerly Bally's Las Vegas

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Beachmann wrote a review about Horseshoe Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

1-2 NL fishtank

While not a room, Bally's has a nice vibe in the evening without being too loud. It is a medium sized room right next to a full bar. Seats & felt were average, but there was enoough room to walk around the other players. All in all, it was a nice place to watch the football playoff games on Saturday night.

This was a wonderful fishtank. I played 1-2 NL with a $200 buy-in. Nothing much for the first hour, but as soon as I got my reads, I caugh cards. Chip leader (fresh off a lucky suck-out) put me all in on a 6-3-3 flop. He had 99, I had 66. Oops for him. 2 hands later, he puts me all in again, this time pre-flop. He has A-T, I have AA. $600 profit in those 2 hands. I walked away up $700.

I'm going with average here because they were a bit too chummy with the locals. I don't mind friendly chatter, but I'm not a fan of marking the fish.

Average in looks, but EXTREMELY fast in service.

Quick to seat & have a computerized list management system that also includes the Paris poker room.

$1 per hour with a player's card.

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