Horseshoe Las Vegas formerly Bally's Las Vegas

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photoc wrote a review about Horseshoe Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Average room, below average players

The room isn't really a room, just a roped off section where there used to be slots. Very noisy. You can clearly here the music from the lounge in the opposite corner of the casino. Not to mention the craps tables 1 pit over. The tables on the other hand were top notch. Some had shufflers and all have betting lines, which almost seems like a must nowadays.

99% tourists play here. They really don't want to cater to the locals, but then again, it is Harrah's. When have they ever done anything to attract local business? Most of them were very inexperienced, calling big bets on NL with middle or even bottom pair and so on. Lots of calling stations, a couple of loose aggressives.

Very few mistakes while I was playing. The dealers were all extremely friendly and knew the game well.

Service is excellent. There is a bar located right next to the poker room. It's almost in the room actually. The server that I had was great but she was a slight bit older. I could care less as long as I get my drinks in a timely and friendly manner.

A high point to the room. There was a gentleman named David that was working the midnight shift and this guy really knows his stuff! They keep a computerized list system that you can see in both the Paris and Bally's poker rooms. Nice idea linking both of them together.

None, nada, zip, zilch. But, they dont take any extra rake for it either, lol. No room rates, no food, no jackpots, no comp dollars, nothing. I was thankful there was alcohol served in there! As said above, this is Harrah's.

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