Horseshoe Las Vegas formerly Bally's Las Vegas

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8sover5s wrote a review about Horseshoe Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

First time player coming out a winner!!!

The poker room I thought as a little noisy but having the room only for players was nice. It didn't feel like everyone was watching or bothering you while you play. My visit to Bally's gave me the chance to finally play poker in a live ring game for the first time. Even though the room was not closed or anything, the rooms atmosphere, look made me feel very comfortable and not too intimidating.

Being a novice player myself, I can't really rate them but if I do have to say something then I'd say they were average to easy cause I did end up winning. Reading the books helped a lot!

Dealer were very friendly and kept the tone of the table that way.
They would charge a dollar everytime someone said a bad word. Needless to say, the dealer did get a lot of tips but we laughed about it which kept the mood a good one.

I was playing from 3am - 10am the first night and 3am to 3:45am the second night so at that time there weren't many people around so drinks came fairly quickly. I didn't experience the timing when it was busy.

There was one manager on shift but there was nothing to really manage. It was pretty relaxed and laid back.

I wasn't aware of any comps while playing. Not that it mattered to me though.

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