Horseshoe Las Vegas formerly Bally's Las Vegas

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Spike Forehand wrote a review about Horseshoe Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Great $2/$4 Action

Decent tables and chairs, and auto-shufflers. Some are bothered by the noise due to location, but I liked how it attracted seafood to the game.

Found the $2/$4 game to range from OK down to first time players. If you don't mind getting chased down once in a while, the game can be very profitable. I won at a rate of 5.3 BB ($21.50) per hour playing pretty strictly by the advice of Sklansky in "Small Stakes Hold'Em" for 14 hours. Players were generally friendly and fun.

Very friendly dealers with only a few mistakes. I really liked everyone who worked there.

Sometimes the service was a little slow, but you can always walk to the bar yourself that is basically right in the room. Cocktail waitress attractiveness is not a factor - your grandmom could get a cocktail job here.

I really liked the way that they ran the list and worked to fill empty seats - often announcing over the PA that "immediate seating is available in $2/$4" whenever we had an empty seat. Combined with the location next to the BJ, craps, and roulette tables, I believe this encouraged newbies to join the game who might have been intimidated by some of the other separate rooms. Dealer mistakes and disputes were resolved quickly and fairly.

Don't know what they were - did not sign up nor was I asked to. (However - in hindsight since I played 14 hours here I probably should have looked into it).

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