Horseshoe Las Vegas formerly Bally's Las Vegas

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couch702 wrote a review about Horseshoe Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Vegas home game

I go with average here just because, even though you are in the middle of the casino, you really dont notice till you look around. Not to cramped and tables and chairs were good.

When I played the other night the players where average I dont know if it was locals night or what, but I thought that I would be having some fun in a fish tank but they all new what they were doing no really bad calls and not alot of players pre-flop. I must say everyone was having a good time and no one thought that they were the next kid poker. Maybe I will go on a weekend night and see if that is when the fish show up.

I only saw one mistake and that was because two cards got suck together and one guy got the 3 cards, hardly the dealers fault, and the deck was changed quickly, and the game moved on. I have to saw I do like how the dealers talk to the players and get involved in some of the conversations. It was like a good night out a buddy's home game. lots of fun!

I dont really care what the girls look like as long as I dont go dry, and those ladys kept my beer bottle full. Cant complain

Very friendly and got me to my seat very fast.

I dont know, didnt ask

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