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colegerletti8 wrote a review about Infinity in Houston, TX


I'm going to start this off by stating I am not a yelp warrior. I do not write reviews, and I have not until now. But I want to say a couple things about best poker. First off best poker is the largest room in all of Texas possibly. And meets all qualifications/ standards of a top tier room. After observing reviews, you can tell that a lot of the bad reviews are all spam/ burner accounts. Witch is absolutely comedy considering it's coming from full grown adults. But with that being said. Best poker is the type of room that should be having 10-15 tables running at all times. But with all these false/ fake reviews, peoples opinions on the room have been altered. Within the past couple months there was a 15/30 hi lo that ran daily and pretty much 24/7. But with grown adults spreading false information and rumors it has caused that game to parish and fail. Best poker is truly a great room and I truly wish I could play there more often. But all the false information has caused these cash games to fail. It's crazy how all the people that complain about time/ promotions are the people that are to naive and stupid to even realize the amount of rake being taken off the tables at their "favorite" rooms. The list goes on. So next time you consider leaving or even reading a bad review consider what the real facts are.

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