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leejinsoo wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

Worst poker room ever -- bad management, horrible promos

Don't come here. Worst customer service here ever. Pay for play is a joke. They make you sit and wait an hour to get your voucher payment. Oh, and they only hand them out once a week and then it's hit or miss the rest of the week. They are weird with handing them out on certain days/hours. Did I also mention they have you fill out paperwork for this as well?

The $200 high hands every 30 minutes is also a joke. By the time 30 minutes is up, there's a RF or SF of some sort up on the board so good luck with that! Again, they make you fill out paperwork for every high hand now apparently. Just go up north to their competitor that is offering $250 high hands ($499 after first one) every 15 minutes with no paperwork or strings attached.

Basically don't breathe, sneeze, or look at anyone funny in the Muckleshoot poker room or they might have you fill out more paperwork. You get the picture.

Ray the manager or whatever he is needs some training. Just downright rude and condescending all the time. No manners at all. Then you got the other manager, Kelly, I think is her name. She is a screamer -- yells at her staff when customers are in the room. This sure looks great for Muckleshoot's image I'm sure (sarcasm here). Poor dealers who have to put up with this stuff. I'd be surprised if there isn't like 25 EEO complaints in their internal upper management being reviewed right now.


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Jhp wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA


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