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leejinsoo wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

You know you got a gambling problem when...

You ignore the current virus craze and go out to play cards which are probably about as filthy as a petri dish after being touched over and over by countless other players. And I'm pretty sure the Mucks don't disinfect every single card at the end of the day. Also, as I'm washing my hands in the restroom, I've seen some players walk out of the restroom without washing their own hands. Then you got folks sneezing, wiping their hands on their shirt or pants, and then placing those hands on the cards or the front ring padding of the table... Not the most sanitary conditions to be playing in.

All this on top of the awful promos they got here, and I'm surprised they still get a table or two going here. This room will be shut down on its current trajectory. I like most of the dealers though. Hope they aren't affected too greatly by this pandemic.

Good luck and stay safe peoples! Please don't get sick!

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Jhp wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA


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