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hsoetikno wrote a review about Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV

Best poker room in Vegas

So many good things about this place.

Let's start with the fact that they're on PokerAtlas which makes it much easier for players to get onto the list, while also implementing a reasonable mechanism to make sure a fair wait time is available across phone, in-person and PokerAtlas sign-ups.

Second, the dealers and managers here are best in town in terms of speed, # of mistakes, friendliness, communication, etc. I've read some reviews below about the staff, and I must say I haven't had the same experience.

Third, the flipping chairs!!! If you're planning to play for hours, a good chair is a must! I personally have a back condition, and must say that they have been okay when I play at RW (which is rare for the standards of casino chair).

Fourth, you can buy deep in 2/5 and 5/10 NLHE games.

My only complaint here is the cards. They have very large pips and index which are difficult to read when squeezing. And also the overall quality of the paper feels very plasticy, which is a lower standard to other places like Wynn.

Overall, I'll definitely be a regular at this room.

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  • hsoetikno,
    Thank you for your great review! We are glad you enjoyed so many aspects of our room. Im glad to say on the cards, we are nearing an update. FadedSpade is making new cards with the traditional pip size and characters. You will soon be able to squeeze the cards as you are used to. We have an order in for new cards, and these will be delivered as soon as possible (uncertain date with all that is going on). If you are in ask to see gary and i will be happy to show you the prefab design of them, im sure you will be satisfied. They provide all the cutting edge construction with the traditional look.

Announcements from Resorts World Las Vegas


-By popular demand all cash games will be played 8 handed.

-Daily tournaments will run with a $160 NLH $3,000 Guarantee twice daily at 12:05pm and 7:05pm. We will evolve them based on player feedback, tell us what you would like to play.

-Rake on $4/8, $6/12, $8/16 Mix is 5%, $4-MAX
-Rake on $2/5 NL and $1/2 PLO is $1 at 10,30,50,80 and last one at $120

-Comp rate for poker is $1.50 / hour. Comps are seamlessly integrated into your Genting Rewards account. (Famous Foods coming soon)

-Tableside food now available from all outlets (business hours vary)

-Poker player room rate will be $99 Sun-Thu, $149 on Fri-Sat. Please use group code YYPKR at 833.930.3888 to book, average 6 hours of cash poker play per room night. These room rates are based on Hotel availability. For full details please see poker staff

-The most convenient parking for poker will be located at Hilton Hotel Parking on Resorts World dr. or the South valet, accessible from Goh Tong Way. The Poker room is located near the West side of the gaming area, closest to the Hilton Tower.

-Andrews video-
-Brads video-

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