Poker Tables:
14 Tables
Closed (5:30pm - 4:00am)
Minimum Age:
1:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
PapaDisco wrote a review about Ruggles Blue in West Chester, OH

All About Poker

This place is a great place to spend your time playing some raw poker. They make it a point to be accommodating to the players and always run good events. Every day of the week typically brings a different tournament and all are run very smoothly. The employees are very welcoming and always interested in the player needs/wants. It did take a bit for this location to start getting some volume of players but there is now a good amount of action and Ruggles Blue continues to grow and gain new players every day! I’ve been playing here since this location first opened 6 months back and they are doing things right and I am very confident that there is even more success for Ruggles Blue down the road!

An overall great place to play raw poker, better poker environment than the surrounding casinos and the live games are RAKE FREE!

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Ruggles Blue Cincinnati

Ruggling everyday. Closed Tuesdays

For every hour played your account will be credited 1x (ex: play 5 hours and your account will receive 5 hours free for future play).

Thursday Nights are Round by Round - 1/2 NL Holdem and 2/2 PLO. Game starts at 6p.

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Naidai wrote a review about Ruggles Blue in West Chester, OH


Very clean and nice. Dealers are very friendly. Time rake is cheap. Very Well run. Free drinks and cheap snacks, and... Read More