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cjjoh wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

Inconsistent Rules and odd Interactions

Yes, the room is big. But more can be done to keep it running smoothly. While the transition was made to having bar staff, it can be nearly an hour or two before you see a cocktail. There is no longer the option to just grab a bottle of water to play, which is cumbersome. Need more cocktails if we’re limited to only them.
The way this room handles tables that are about to break is just plain lazy. Apparently they’d rather lose players than even discuss combining tables. The “change table” list somehow means that if your table breaks in the 1.5 hours you’ve been waiting to change tables, that EVERY other player at the table gets a seat at a new table before you are even addressed. This is somehow now giving you “ choice of table “ now that every player has been given a table and chosen a seat. When I asked about this originally, I was told to wait with no explanation. When I asked for an explanation and suggested that I at least be told why I being skipped over and told what the policy is before making me watch 5 dudes gets seats before me, NOW security and management seem to lurk. This is literally for me asking a question and trying to understand why I am skipped.
It’s clear some issues need to be worked out here with how things are run in general. For all the employees here, there is a huge gap in skill and consistency. I had a dealer lose her mind asking me THREE TIMES if I moved the button, which I replied 3 times that I had not. She then asks the guy to my left who said the same thing. She then goes into a lecture about how I’m not supposed to move the button during a bomb pot, which the entire table and I are well aware of. She then asks me AGAIN if I moved the button, and when I told her no, she proceeds to complain about me “giving her a hard time”. What exactly are we supposed to do when the workers have no idea what’s going on, but EVERY player knows? I promptly cashed out.
While the action is good, the inconsistency with the staff make it really hard to come back consistently. It might be time for me to check out some other card rooms in Austin, because these guys need to work out the issues.
Rating should be 2.5 ⭐️

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Announcements from The Lodge Poker Club

Come play at the largest card club in Texas and one of the largest in the world! Known for popular tournaments, thriving cash games, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Open 24/7! There's something for everyone at this social club in Round Rock, Texas, just outside of Austin. 2+ tournaments every day and cash games all day and night! See full list of upcoming tournaments

No hourly charge: 8AM-11AM ON WEEKDAYS!


March 25 at 12:15PM: The $10K GTD Black Chip Bounty ($300 Buy-In)

March 31 - April 2: $100K GTD Spring Madness ($300 Buy-In)

April 8 at 12:15PM: The $30K GTD Big One Re-Entry ($360 Buy-In)

April 26 - May 16: The Lodge Championship Series

April 27 - 30: LCS Event #4 - $250K GTD No Limit Hold'em ($400 Buy-In)

May 4 - 7: LCS Event #12 - $500K GTD No Limit Hold'em ($800 Buy-In)

May 10 - 16: $2M GTD Lodge Championship Main Event

Watch cash game action on our YouTube channel:

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clitourist wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

high rake

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7micah wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

Dealing PLO

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NotMustache wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

bad dealers

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jdubb wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

Best in Austin

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mlutey wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

Great Experience

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