Poker Tables:
6 Tables
Closed (5:00pm - 12:00am)
Minimum Age:
12:00pm - 12:00am
5:00pm - 12:00am
5:00pm - 12:00am
5:00pm - 2:00am
12:00pm - 2:00am
THEBIGALSKI wrote a review about Triple Barrel in Franklin, KY

just needs larger player pool

Dealers have all been 10/10 that I've encountered.
Management has also been 10/10.
The venue is great. Lots of space and activities.
Location is great. Beats the heck out of a 3 hour drive. Quick easy 35 min highway drive for me.
The cash game rate is fine as well.
Food is what it is. Sure if there was more ppl, they would be able to provide more options.

As someone who prefers cash I was hoping this place would be booming. I come from Chicago and we have casinos, RCG, CCG, and home games everywhere. I am shocked that they have trouble getting a cash game running consistently.

It also seems like every1 has one bullet and they only play for an hour or 90 mins.

Takes money to make money. They should just go all out on marketing and promotions and take an L to get the word out there and focus in Nashville directly since they have the most transplants.

With that being said, with no casinos offering Poker around here ever, I would say that it's just not as popularized around here as a whole.

I would love to play more just need the players.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Triple Barrel Social

Updated 11/27/2023

♦️ $10 for daily
♦️ $75 for monthly
♦️ $300 annual

Cash Games = $13/hour
Tournaments = varies

Check out our tournament schedule (below).

♦️ Mon: 5pm - 12am
♦️ Tue: CLOSED
♦️ Wed: CLOSED
♦️ Thu: 5pm - 12am
♦️ Fri: 5pm - 2am
♦️ Sat: 12pm - 2am
♦️ Sun: 12pm - 12am

Every Day: Refer A Friend - bring a friend to become a first-time member, and you'll earn 1 hour of free seat rental for you and 1 for them

Thursdays, Sundays, Mondays:
NFL Score = Random Seat Drawing for free seat rental!!

Mondays ONLY - Be 1 of the first 6 in the featured game and get a FREE $25 chip!!
1st and 3rd Monday of the Month = 1/2/5 PLO ($200 - $1,000 buy in)
Every other Monday = 1/3 NL

6PM, $100 Turbo Thursday (recurring)
20 min blind levels
20k starting stack

Rotating Saturdays
2PM, Saturday, November 11
$70 Accelerator (w $40 Add On at end of registration)
Accelerating Blinds
20 min, 15 min, 10 min, etc

2PM, Saturday, November 18
$120 Six Max Tournament
18 minute blinds
18k starting stack

2PM, $150 Sunday Bounty (recurring)
20 min blind levels
20k starting stack


Monday Night PLO
1/2 w $5 bring in
$200 - $1,00 buy in

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