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assenede wrote a review about Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV

Third visit in a year

Room quality is excellent. Tables, chairs, screens, genesis bravo system, list.
Only downside is the fact that it is sometimes difficult to get a game going and you might be playing shorthanded at times.

During the rakeback promotion from 10am to 7 pm, it's a nitfest. Absolutely no money to be made. Everyone buying in short and only action on nut hands. In the evenings, juicy games, with money on the table, given the fact that the 1/2 game has a 500$ cap (as opposed to $300 in most other places). I very much like the jamie gold rules, where table talk and exposing cards heads up is allowed. Fun to play.

Overall good standard. One novice while I was there making obvious mistakes, and one female dealer on graveyard that seemed to be unhappy at the time, but the rest mechanically sound and some very enthousiastic ones (Bruce)

The waitresses as such are not so fast, but the room definitely compensates this by offering a self-service full fridge and coffee service in the back of the room (no tipping required) and the fact that management will go out of its way to accomodate your food wishes by going to get the food themselves while you are at the table.

Excellent management with high end player care. Dedicated and willing.

Excellent rakeback deal between 10am and 7 pm, amounting to 80$ for 8 hours of play. However, during this promotion, there is a $4 + $3 drop. Apart from those promotional periods, standard comps.

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