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assenede wrote a review about Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV

Tropicana Revisited

The room itself is in pristine condition after being opened in April 2011. It could however use some more traffic. The room spreads some non-hold'em games, a mixed game and a weekly razz game (in which our very own LVM was ever present). Their morning, afternoon and evening tournaments were basically a Sit n Go since there were hardly more than 10 players showing up while I was there (off-season: Sept 26-Oct 5). I stopped by a couple of times at night (3-4 am) to find out that there was little to no action even in the most spread 1-2 NL Hold'em. One thing that was annoying is that the airco seems to be cooling a little too much at times. If you intend to play long hours and drink no alcohol: bring a sweater. They changed from 1/3 NL to 1/2 NL. Standard rake of 4$max + 1$ jackpot drop. High hands pay out quads+. No bad beat jackpot. Both UTG and Button straddle are allowed! Lenient cellphone policy : phones at the table are allowed if not disruptive to the game.

Since my earlier visit in April, I found the competition to have strenghtened. Quite a few decent locals (and several dealers), but some exceptionally good players as well. It struck me that they knew each others game well and positioned themselves on both sides of the potential fish. Definitely much harder to win money here. If you played tight, they would pop it preflop to over 30$ to get you out. If you were in preflop, you'd get either no caller or multiple callers and often got squeezed or cracked. It just didn't feel right. I left the table on two occasions because of this kind of play.

Excellent dealers. Hardly any mistakes. Correct floor rulings whenever asked for. Very friendly. They remembered me from six months earlier and joined in the game after or before their shifts.

Free water, coke cans and coffee in the back of the poker room. Coctail waitresses were -with the exception of one instance- not specifically attractive and mostly over 40. Their service was moderately quick. As I only drank soft drinks, coke, water, coffee or hot chocolate, I can't judge on the total choice available. On one night, during a football game, there were bonuses offered for all players who were playing at the beginning and end of each quarter, amounting up to $200. Furthermore, free pizza was brought in for all players during the game. A good initiative, boosting the room occupancy from 1 to 3 full ring tables.

Genesis system installed. Since there was not too much trafic, hardly ever a waiting list. Rake reduction approved when six handed down to no rake when heads up.

Comps on the player card are standard $1 per hour of cash game play (no comps during tournaments). The incentive of a free buy-in into the evening tourney (worth $45) when you have played at least three hours of cash games the day before or the same day, adds significantly to the complimentary advantages. If you add it up, that means about $10 per hour worth of comps. A good deal.

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