Sunset Station Poker Room is closed - 3/4/14

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Sad to report that the poker room at Sunset Station, in Henderson, NV, is now closed.


  1. That's a bummer. Sunset is a nice property for locals, although I've never played poker there. This is also a bit surprising since they're also owned by the same company that owns Ultimate Poker.

  2. Station Casinos have closed a few in the past year or two, right? Aliante (or was that after they got bought out?)....any others?

  3. Rob
    • Rob

    @DanMcArdle Sunset is the only one recently. Aliante was sold to a private group and they closed the poker room the next day.

  4. @Rob Sheesh. Didn't realize they axed it the following day. Funny - I probably went to Aliante a couple dozen times when they had a poker room (but only actually played there twice), and zero times since they closed the room. The place is just totally off my radar now, even though I'd likely just be going for food or whatever. Something about having the *option* to play...

  5. Shit man what's happening to sin city? Isn't that the capital of the pokers?