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Join me every Monday night for some #kontenderspokers Texas Hold’em at #lonestarbar. Cards fly at 7pm!
Great food, great service, great people, great fun. Several TV’s to watch the game on. Sweepstakes, Pool Tables.

Bonus Chips

Text checkin to 855 594 4220 5k bonus!
Arrive 20 minutes early 5k
VIP 5k bonus!
Kontenders Merchandise. 5k bonus
Buy VIP or Merchandise tonight 10k bonus!
Bring a NEW player = 5k They get 10k
Food Bonuses = Every $5 in FOOD gets you 5k, But spend $15 get 25k

Top 3 *(Patrons) get BPO Tokens and $100 cash/prizes!
(*) Patron - a person that purchases $10 from the venues


  1. Hey man can you let me know where this is at