Bally's poker room closed?

Question by franco51 about Horseshoe Las Vegas Posted

Any info on this, like why or when it is to reopen?


  1. It’s open now

  2. @ShaolinSterling you sure? because the Ballys website still says the poker room is remained closed.

  3. @Wizkid075 yup, that is what I saw as well.

  4. Bravo Live is showing 4 live games right now (3:22 PM Monday Aug 1st). 3 1-3 NLHE, 1 3-6 HE. With a waiting list :-)

  5. @Wizkid075 they don’t update PokerAtlas I’m here playing now check bravo or call but it’s open

  6. NOT CLOSED lol

  7. @ShaolinSterling thanks man, I’ll have to go up there and check them out

  8. @Wizkid075 it was closed for wsop but its open now