Cheating Dealer or did I play my hand wrong??


My hand* A[d] 9[d]
Board 5[c] 6[c] 7[s] 3[d] 8[h]
It's me and 2other players all in
Utg gets a straight holding 8 9
Villian has three 3's
Pot gets split and I'm out of the tourney
**I thought my Ace 9 of diamonds completes the straight as well???**
Did I play wrong or was I cheated


  1. In NLH the straight wins but in PLO you lose. You should have called the floor.

  2. If you play at Parq mornings the floor is probably crooked and you still lose....

  3. @Kamal1905 maybe both players had more chips than you……the utg player won the main pot and 3 3 hand had more chips than the utg player and won the side pot? Just saying

  4. Thank!

  5. @VILLAPROFITS the pot was should split between you n utg the 3rd player gets nothing! Not a

  6. Villa, what game were you playing? Maybe I missed it. Was it Omaha? Holdem? What were the stakes?

  7. U got hustled. You and the player with 89 both play a 9 high straight. Depending on stacks you guys split the set of 3's money. Or you each double up through him. Either way there is absolutely no reason that you should of been out of the tournament.

  8. @DavidBowles doesn't matter if both had more he as a straight and should chop

  9. You got cheated

  10. Should have chopped but most likely there wasn't a straight. Trips tripled up and the 89 had you coverd