hey guys poker room question

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Are there any poker rooms still open in Vegas? Thinking of taking a week trip down there just for some poker. Any help would be great thank you


  1. I know they did open gambling for casinos but I'd call prior

  2. Bellagio, Aria,Venetian,Golden Nugget, and Southpoint poker rooms are open. 6 handed with either mask or plexiglass or both depending on property.

  3. And don't forget Caesars Palace Thur- Sun

  4. And Sahara

  5. Southpoint & Venetian are 8 handed, Caesars is 5 handed, The Orleans is 7 handed

  6. The mirage just reopened, anyone know if poker room is open?

  7. Unfortunately, the poker room at The Mirage is not open yet.

  8. In Phoenix Arizona Talking Stick Poker Room is open. Both tournament and cash. Tournament daytime only. 125 Buy in on weekdays 200 on weekends. Get there early on weekends limit 100 players. I got there late on Saturday didn't get in. 3 300 is the lowest spread. Good action. Tucson had the casino open as well. You can check it out on this app.

  9. Sahara, Caesars Palace, and Bellagio all announced that their poker rooms would open. They join Venetian, South Point, Golden Nugget, and The Orleans as the only poker rooms currently operating in Las Vegas. ... Of the seven available Las Vegas poker rooms, only Bellagio and South Point are open at all hours of the day.

  10. On whitch sites can I play?