Question by GerhardV about Casino Copenhagen Posted

Been playing poker for quite a while with family and online, planning on going to my first real tabke cash game within the next few weeks, any tips to not look like a dumbass


  1. Don’t try to hide it. Play at a level that you can afford to lose at, joke about beginners luck if you win any hands and have fun. My wife made the final table out of 89 players her first time to play in a casino and my daughter won in her first tournament. Neither had ever been in a casino before that. Good luck.

  2. The first thing experienced players (who are good players) look for in a new player is something even before the new player enters a pot.

    1) His mannerisms
    2) How he handles his chips
    3) How he looks at/covers his cards.

    You should have all sorts of questions for the dealer. The problem is the others at the table will hear those questions and therefore learn more about your being an inexperienced player.

    I suggest you speak with the floor prior to sitting down at a table.

  3. Just pay attention to the person on your right to know when the action gets to you and pay attention to the button when it's 2 players to your right your turn for big blind.