Vaccination requirements

Question by Jordan Ramirez Posted

Where can I get information on vaccination requirements for upcoming tournaments?


  1. Don't get the jab. Natural immunity is your best defense.

  2. [typical poker player lies. Get the vaccine and everyone else should too so we can get rid of COVID. Check with the poker room and hopefully they will say you have to. All poker rooms in LV require wearing masks over mouth and nose[/i]@Kane88 yty

  3. @skleader never taking that poison.

  4. Natural immunity comes from catching and getting over covid - which (depending on your immune response) can be just as good as the shot……but it is a heck of a lot less fun to actually catch it vs the shot.

  5. The shot doesn't prevent you from getting covid, in fact can cause many complications. Don't get the jab. Be smart and be safe. Peace.