Vegas poker rooms

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With the casinos reopening on 5/29 and ability to reopen the poker rooms with restrictions. I'm hearing and reading that the casinos will NOT reopen the poker rooms, but that's just the current rumor. Does anyone have any facts to share about this? Thanks


  1. Casinos aren't reopening until June 4, and only Venetian is confirmed to be opening its poker room the next day.

  2. @Scooter any word on tournaments?

  3. @joer65 I don't think there will be tournaments for at least a few months

  4. South Point, Orleans and Venetian are the only ones I know of that are opening this week.

  5. How many people are they letting sit at a table? How many rooms are open?

  6. Rob
    • Rob

    The Vegas rooms that are open are South Point, Orleans, Venetian and Golden Nugget. They are all spreading five-handed cash games. Venetian & South Point are offering 5-handed Sit-N-Go tournaments, winner-take-all. These run as soon as they get five players to start them.

  7. @Rob that is correct.Whats up Rob I sat with you at a table in South Point.Is this the same Rob?

  8. There’s only 4 casinos with open poker rooms...., and it’s five handed.
    Venetian has alot if sit-n-go’s and also a nice bigger tournament on Saturday.
    The other casinos with poker are Southpoint, Golden Nugget and ... cannot remember just now but check poker atlas

  9. Is Venetian open 24/7??? I heard they are closing at 1am?

  10. Flamingo opening 5-handed before the end of the month!

  11. Coming in today. Who actually has their poker rooms open?