What would you do?

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Something strange happened to me in the cardroom tonight and I want your honest opinion on what you would do...

My Stack size $450
CO $450

The blinds are 1-1-3, 7 handed (thanks covid). UTG+1 limps, CO raises to $6, button calls, SB (me) raises to $21, all fold to CO who calls. UTG+1 limps a lot and folds easily to pressure, same as button, CO plays a lot and will call most preflop raises.

Flop: 578

I have J4 and bet $36
CO calls

Turn: 5

I bet $65
CO calls

River: Q

At this point I have realized that I probably can't steal the pot and check in defeat...

CO bets All-in

I look at my cards for one last time and then give them the "you tried" double tap on the table in defeat ... Before I make any action (besides the gesture) CO throws his cards to the dealer, face down.

Would you: A) Call the bet and open your cards
Or... B) Muck your cards


  1. Unless your attentions where to angle I would muck my cards

  2. Muck

  3. I gave him a little speech of how I could take his money but I was a nice guy and wouldn't... He was unappreciative though and it made me second guess my decision. But as karma would have it, the poker gods blessed me with Aces vs Kings and I had a $1000 profit day 😁

  4. what location is this ? and what is the max buyin?

  5. and yes muck

  6. @100miless Graton casino just South of Santa Rosa in California. Buy in is 500 max for 1-1-3.