Cashing again at the Wynn

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I made another Vegas poker trip back on the first week of September. I started out playing 2-4 limit at the Flamingo for the first couple of days, but after one particularly frustrating day, I decided I had had enough of limit for a while and decided to play a NL holdem tournament at the Wynn on my last day in town: $140 buy in $11000 stacks with 30 minute levels.
With stacks this deep play was a little bit tricky in the beginning. There were some players calling preflop bets with hands as weak as Q2s trying to trap the premium preflop hands. There was one hand I folded AA on the turn when I suspected somebody made a straight. Later on, right before break, I limped with queens and was able to double up when I hit quads on the river. From there I was able to get to the final table where I was trying to play for a win with a medium sized stack. Unfortunately, I lost a couple of coin flip hands and had to settle for a 4th place cash.
I like playing at the Wynn. I have played 2 tournaments there and cashed both times. The fields are smaller than at other places in Vegas though, but that is okay since it is a $5000 Guarantee. They recently increased the starting stack to $15000...still 30 minutel levels. Seems like they are trying to stay one step ahead of the Aria...the Aria recently increased their starting stack size to $12000 with 30 minute levels.
Wish I could come to Vegas more often...the Vegas deep stack tournaments are a lot of fun!


  1. Hi there. I am heading to Vegas next September ,the first week also, I was wondering was there and poker events on that week like the Venetian deepstack extravaganza?