Crazy Old Men - Part One


Arrived Saturday at Luxor for seven days. Played Saturday night at Bellagio and lost 200. Sunday morning decided to check out the Luxor room. Got onto the Front Table and was seated next to a 63 year old man (Bob) from Toronto. Apparently he is quite wealthy. He had a stack of $100 bills in front of him which totalled about $5,000. He would buy in for the $200 maximum allowed and when he lost that he would buy another $200 in chips. He played every hand and no matter what you bet he would call. He stayed in that seat for a straight 60 hours. On Sunday he lost about 10 grand, Monday another 5 and Tuesday another 5. The Housemen made sure he had something to eat every so often. By Tuesday he was falling asleep in every hand. The Housemen became so worried about him by 6pm that finally they called the Room Manager and they stopped him from playing anymore and sent him up to his room to get some sleep. He made a lot of players rich. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them. He cracked my Aces twice. Once with 10-2 off. Flopping 2 pairs and rivering a full house after calling my $50 preflop raise. I got felted for $250 in that hand. Third time he got me was with 10-8 off. I had QJ clubs and the flop came QdJh4c. 1 better in front of me bet $10, Bob of course called, I made it $50. First better folded and Bob called again. 9c on the Turn completes Bob's straight and gave me a flush draw as well. I push all in for $150 and he called. A blank on the River and I have to Rebuy. As long as Bob was there no one wanted to leave. I stayed there for 30 hours straight from Monday at 2pm until Tuesday at 6pm. After Bob left all of the Big stacks quit as well. I ended up even and went up to get some sleep. He was one of the nicest men you could meet. When you felted him he would compliment you on your "Nice Hand" and when he won he would say nothing. Why he was there drinking and playing poker for that long no one knows. After Management sent him away he never returned.
Sunday I also played the $120 buy in 1pm Tourney at Aria on Sunday and went out in 13th place. Had about 30,000 in chips on the Big blind. Blinds were 1,000 - 2,000. Folded around to Player one before Button who raised it to $4500. Folded around to me and I looked at Pocket 8s. I read his raise as trying to steal the Blinds and re-raised to 10,000. He pushed all in and I insta called. Player flipped over Aces and I was out. Learnt an important lesson that he was trying to get callers with his almost Minimum raise.
Played it again on Monday and went out in sixth place on the Bubble after everyone agreed to take $250 from 1st place to give to the Bubble.

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  1. Thirteenth place and sixth place sounds good. Congrats!

    Too bad about Bob, though. If only he was at your table every time you sat down, you might win a nice chunk of change from him.

  2. did you find it unsettling to play with someone who bet every hand, am curious because I've just started to play texas holdem even though I've been playing all the usual poker games for 60 years?