Wyoming Online Poker Laws

Wyoming Online Poker Law

While other states in the country race to be one of the first handful to allow online poker and gambling, Wyoming has taken a slower, more measured route. In 2013, it became the 44th state to run a state lottery.

But before people go hog-wild with lottery games in Wyoming, know this: Officials are so taken by their fear of expanding gambling, they banned the sale of scratch-off tickets and sales from lottery machines at stores.

Wyoming history suggests that it will shun online poker and gambling as other states begin to go live in 2014, 2015, and beyond.

As of late 2013, there are no bills in the pipeline that would officially legalize online poker in Wyoming. No politicians are considering online poker legislation, and there is no grassroots movement from Wyoming online poker players to push for its residents to be allowed to play.

However, there are no laws that specifically ban online poker playing and no one in Wyoming has been arrested or charged with playing online poker.

Wyoming is home to three Indian casinos that spread poker, bingo, table games, and slots. Isolated geographically, Wyoming online-poker-playing residents would benefit by being granted permission to play online.

When Will I Get to Play Online Poker in Wyoming?

With no pending laws or even the slightest bit of pressure being applied by the tribes in Wyoming that run casinos — coupled with an extremely conservative view on gambling expansion — online poker players in Wyoming will have to wait. Not even a federal online poker bill would bring online poker to Wyoming players, as the state would most likely opt-out of taking part in the national game.

It’s going to take a significant push from its online players in Wyoming for its elected officials to begin to think about this issue. Without this push, and without a significant shift in policy from it elected officials, it will be at least until 2020 before Wyoming even considers getting into the game.