Elite Social Club formerly 101 Poker Club Richmond

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63 Tables
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All Day
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yxc153243 wrote a review about Elite Social Club in Houston, TX

Wish you success.

I really wish this place to be successful. I have played many years in Houston. I have played at Lions, Prime, 101Katy, Freeroll, Empire, Legends and more, but your place is the best in Houston in my mind. You need to have a good business structure and plan. It is not that hard. I want to give you one good suggestion. Have some friends and invite them and friends of their friends to come and play at your place. Having a few "house players" is actually good for the business as long as these "house players" are good people and enjoy their job. I don't mind playing with house players at all as long as the game is fair.

I have played poker for over ten years and gambled a lot in my life. If you need any help or suggestion. I would like to help you the best I can.

Again, I love playing poker and wish our Houston poker community could prosper.

I recently played at Legends and talked a lot to different people. I changed my mind about people so much. I used to fight other players a lot. Now I learned a lot and found a lot of mistakes/faults I have. There are actually so many great people in poker community and poker is a great social game I found.

I also wish everyone to be healthy and happy. Love and peace. : )

Food and Drink

Announcements from Elite Social Club

šŸ½Food and Drinks provided for playing membersšŸ¹

SAT, JUN 10 12pm
$180 Buy-In

šŸ’° šŸ’øElite Bankroll BuilderšŸ’² šŸ’µ
JUN 8-9-10 and JUN 22-23-24
$300 Lucky Seat drawing every 30 min!

šŸŽ€$15K Player Appreciation True FreerollšŸŽ
Sat, JUN 17
Play 40 hours to qualify!

šŸ2023 Jeep Wrangler Car Race OffšŸ
Sat, JUL 1
Earn 1 Raffle Ticket for every hour cash game played.

ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢ TOURNAMENTS ā€¢ā€¢ā€¢
2K GTD Free-Buy
WEDS at 6p (yes, this Wednesday)
Play to win a seat at our $15,000 GTD

TECH Sundays!
Sundays ā€¢ 8p
Chances to win TV, iPad, Game Consoles, Dyson Vacuum, Headphones, and more!
12:00a ā€“ 7:00p - Each 1 hour cash game = 1 Raffle Ticket Tech Giveaway + 1 Raffle Ticket Car Race-Off

$10,000 Progressive (+$100/day) Bad Beat Jackpot
ā€¢10%ā€¢ AAAJJ [NLH] 2222 [PLO]
ā€¢100%ā€¢ 7777 [NLH] JJJJ [PLO]

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