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Andybacklund wrote a review about Red Dragon Casino in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Bad employment practices.

I used to love the Red Dragon and spend a lot of time there. Recently however, I have been very disappointed in the way the Red Dragon (or Maverick, the new owner) has chosen to force transfer some of its servers away to other properties. In my opinion, Maverick's rules about not allowing certain people to work together are ridiculous, not uniformly enforced and prone to abuse. I may not know every aspect, but apparently the policy calls for the transfer of one of two employees if those two employees are related, or in a relationship, or have ever been in a relationship, even if that relationship was "discovered" after months or years of incident free work.

While we as customers do not know every reason for an employer's decisions, the Red Dragon's decisions have led to several of its best servers being forced to leave without regard for the hardship it causes that employee or the impact on customer service. Regardless of the reason, both the servers and customers suffer as a result.

There are still a lot of great people at the Red Dragon (a few less now...) and a lot of good poker. Still, watching the impact of this policy on employees has been difficult and not something I want to support. As a customer, my only recourse is to write this review and withhold my business. While I know one customer will likely not force a policy change, I hope other customers will also leave reviews and let Maverick know that this policy is simply a terrible idea.

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