Poker Tables:
14 Tables
Temporarily Closed (5:30pm - 4:00am)
Minimum Age:
1:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
5:30pm - 4:00am
cincykid1970 wrote a review about Ruggles Blue in West Chester, OH

Calm quiet room

I'm always amazed how players let their session results affect their reviews. With that said, in full disclosure, I lost $2100 over 3 hrs.

The room was clean well lit and seemed to be well run. When I showed up at 8pm on a Saturday I was shocked to see only 2 tables running. One 1/2 NL and one tournament table. This was disappointing to me. I had expected more considering action in other clubs.
The staff took the time to inform me of how the table fees were paid, how the club ran and gave me a brief tour. This was very professionally done. We started a new table 5 handed. As the night went on we broke down into a 1/2 NL table and an alternating 1/2NL and 1/2/5 PLO (with 1 Bomb pot each round), which was alot of fun.
Overall I would have liked more action but if your looking for a good well run quiet place to play, this is the place for you. Has the feel of a good home game.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Ruggles Blue Cincinnati

Ruggling everyday. Closed Tuesdays

For every hour played your account will be credited 1x (ex: play 5 hours and your account will receive 5 hours free for future play).

Thursday Nights are Round by Round - 1/2 NL Holdem and 2/2 PLO. Game starts at 6p.

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Naidai wrote a review about Ruggles Blue in West Chester, OH


Very clean and nice. Dealers are very friendly. Time rake is cheap. Very Well run. Free drinks and cheap snacks, and... Read More