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JesseSmelser wrote a review about TCH Dallas in Dallas, TX

Reconsidering my options

After being made to wait 10 minutes to simply request a table change I expressed to the floor that other poker rooms are not run like this. She took offense to this and said she had read my negative Google review online (nobody had ever approached me to discuss my concerns, and she was not trying to address them either, but rather was just throwing that in my face). She then told me I could play somewhere else. Keep in mind, I am a good customer that always follows the rules, gets along with everyone, and doesn't cause problems or ever get reprimanded. I also play a minimum of 20 hours of poker each week, but can easily play 40+ hrs. At a $13 hourly, that means this poker room can expect to receive $13,520 from me a year at minimum but that number could easily exceed $20k. Since I'm neither a professional nor a degen I could easily cut that down to $0.

I'm not happy with the way they've handled covid and I'm certainly not happy with the way they handle waitlists. When the room is busy, I'd expect that there would be a focus on making sure that the lists are called and seats are filled quickly but it seems like the opposite happens with seats staying unfilled for long periods of time as players wait to be put in games.

The games are fine (hello, it's Texas). The dealers get criticized a lot but are for the most part satisfactory. The floors are hit or miss. Most of the issues with this place are procedural. Hopefully they figure it out soon before the their big competition opens up.


Announcements from Texas Card House Dallas

Join us this month to earn your way into the Ultimate Free Roll! Qualify by making the top 10% in one of our Satellite Tournaments (10 hours of cash play to enter). Or you can qualify directly in by playing 50 cash game hours in any week or play 100 cash game hours any time in march prior to midnight before the tournament on March 28th!

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