CHECK IT OUT! The PokerAtlas TableCaptain™ System

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Happy New Year everyone!

It is now our 10th year of helping players find their poker action, and we are stepping things up in a VERY big way in 2015!!

Introducing our brand new PokerAtlas TableCaptain™ system...a software system for poker rooms that we designed to provide maximum value to poker players. TableCaptain™ is integrated with PokerAtlas to provide real-time live action visibility like you've never seen before.

Check out some of the great TableCaptain™ features below…and if you want these features (and more) available at the poker rooms where YOU play...then tell the management to step up their game by contacting us at TableCaptain™ is affordable for ANY size poker there should be no more excuses for using whiteboards, hand-held timers, or other outdated software systems!

Sure, we have all seen waitlists available online. But wouldn’t it be nice to see the names of players on the list too?...and min/max buyins? We agree, so that’s what we built! And coming later this year, you will even be able to add your name to waitlists through PokerAtlas!!!

It’s always great when you get the perfect seat in a tournament where you can clearly see the clock. Unfortunately that usually isn’t the case, especially when you’re racing across the casino to use the restroom before the break ends. TableCaptain™ enables players and railbirds to see real-time tournament clocks right from their mobile phones, whether in the building or sweating the action from across the globe. Tell your poker room manager to use those TVs for sports, because you have your own clock!

All too often players are left in the dark about blind structures and prize money up for grabs. Much of the time, the dealers don't even know what the next level is. TableCaptain™ displays every tournament’s blind structure, complete with times, breaks and even color-ups, so you can size your bets and plan your next all-in accordingly, while keeping your eyes on the prize!

Not all poker rooms keep a leaderboard, but when they do, it’s usually on a sheet of paper taped to the wall, exactly how our college grades were posted back in the 1900’s. Not only does TableCaptain™ let players see standings online 24/7, but it also tracks more detailed results than most $10k buy-in events. See who won yesterday's tournament that you bubbled, and share your results when you come out on top!

Nothing is worse than standing around a poker room like a prisoner so you don’t miss your name getting called on the lousy speaker system! TableCaptain™ unlocks the ball-and-chain by sending instant “Seat Available” text message notifications to your phone. Now you can pass the time staying off tilt, while watching some sports, walking the casino floor, or whatever your pre-game exercise may be.

Once again, if you like what you see and want these features available where YOU play, then please tell the poker room manager to inquire about our TableCaptain™ system at

And do YOU have any questions, suggestions or feedback? We'd love to hear from you! As always, thanks for using PokerAtlas, Happy New Year, and we look forward to a wonderful 2015!!


  1. So, is it installed anywhere in Vegas right now? Gonna be there over the next week and this looks really handy!

  2. @DonKKing Hi Don, not yet...Hopefully soon though!

  3. @DonKKing most vegas rooms use bravopokerlive, no need for so called better mousetrap.

  4. Wow, looks really good!

  5. I hope this catches on but bravo poker live is pretty dominant. I wish my local room at least had an updated website.

  6. @zzyzx Many rooms don't use bravo, and bravo has many limitations. No text notification, position on wait list. Bravo will also display the first open waitlist as running table, etc.