Dec 16-19 is $250K PAYDAY in Houston

Announcement by JonFriedberg about Texas Card House Spring Posted

Ok friends, we are taking a one question survey. Who’s ready for another PokerAtlas PAYDAY Event?!?

We sure as F%@K are…and so is the team at Texas Card House Houston! So let’s do it!

Another great event. Another great venue. Another great city…Houston…the city that used to only be known for amazing Tex-Mex food and Mattress Mac’s Gallery Furniture saving you money, is now better known as the Poker Capital of Texas.

For our next PAYDAY Event, we’ve partnered with the powerhouse Texas Card House North Houston in Spring, TX, to deliver a whopping $250,000 GUARANTEED PAYDAY event running from December 16-19th. Same format. More fun.

We timed this event perfectly to close out this year’s poker season and deliver some Texas-sized action and payouts to get us safely through the holiday season.

If you haven’t been to Houston yet, now is your time folks. And if you live there, then y’all better clear your calendar on these dates!

We at PokerAtlas are extremely excited to continue running our PAYDAY events, and extremely thankful for everyone’s participation thus far. We hope to see y’all at Texas Card House North Houston on December 16-19th!

Here are the details…

- $600 Buy-in No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament
- $250,000 Guaranteed Minimum Prize Pool
- 50,000 Starting Chips
- 30 Minute Levels (Increasing to 40 Minutes at Final 54 Players)
- Blind Structure can be viewed here: (coming soon)

- Day 1A – Thursday, December 16th @ 11am
- Day 1B – Thursday, December 16th @ 6pm
- Day 1C – Friday, December 17th @ 11am
- Day 1D – Friday, December 17th @ 6pm
- Day 1E – Saturday, December 18th @ 11am
- Day 1F – Saturday, December 18th @ 6pm
- Day 2 – Sunday, December 19th @ 11am

- Early Registration for Some Day 1 Flights will be Available. Dates TBD. - Late Registration Available Until the Start of Level 9 (4.5 Hours) on Each Day 1 Flight
- Unlimited Re-Entries are Available During Late Registration Period

Survive Day 1 and Get Paid!
All Day 1 Survivors receive a $800 cash payout (“Bag Bonus”) when play concludes for the day.

Survive Multiple Day 1’s and Get P-P-P-PAID!!!
Players will receive a $2,000 cash payout (“Multi-Bag Bonus”) for EACH additional Day 1 Survival, after their first Day 1 Survival.

Play in One or Multiple Day 1 Flights!
Each of the six Day 1 flights will conclude when 15% of the field remains. At that point, everyone will receive an $800 Bag Bonus (or $2,000 Multi-Bag Bonus), and advance to Day 2. Players with multiple Day 1 finishes will carry their largest stack forward into Day 2. Day 2 will resume at the same Level/Time as the EARLIEST of all six Day 1 finishing times, and will play down to the winner.


  1. Hey quick question, do you know any where in Houston that they have blackjack and
    Roulette games ?

  2. Any caps games nearby?

  3. @AyeeyoAP Yup, on 4th street behind the dumpsters. Ask for Clyde