Announcement by JonFriedberg about Aria Casino Posted

It's been too long, so we are excited to announce the date of our next event, AVP XX (a.k.a. PokerAtlas I). Complete details are coming soon, but here is the lowdown... Saturday, December 13th at 1pm at Aria. And if enough are interested, we will also have pizza and bowling party somewhere the night before (on Fri, Dec 12th).

This is exactly 3 months away, so there are no good excuses as to why anyone will not be available to attend. We're looking forward to seeing everyone there! Stay tuned for more details coming next week...


  1. Calendar marked!!

  2. Was already thinking about going there in dec 6-15... this just added a another reason for me to go

  3. Dammmmit, I have a cousin's wedding that weekend!! But a 3 month timeframe should be plenty to find a way to get out of attending it. ;)

  4. Any chance that Aria is going to offer a suite room rate for this event? See what I did there? The room might not be a suite, but a good price....pretty sweet!!

    I'm seriously bored. Any chance of a decent room rate?

  5. @DinosaurCourt We will definitely ask them for as good of a rate they can offer, whether a sweet or suite room. Lol

  6. I go to Chicago 3 or 4 times a year. Of course this is one of those weekends. Doh!