2014 Super Bowl Pick?

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I bet ONE sports bet every year, and it's obviously for the big game that's happening this weekend.

So....WHO SHOULD I BET?  And what are some good prop bets to wager on? Those are always fun too.

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  1. Hi Jon! Love the new site! Definitely go for the Seahawks!!

    The prop bets are all coinflips so just pick whichever ones look fun.

    BTW, how did you put the little emoticans in your post? I see people using them but don't see anywhere to add them.

  2. Friend of mine works for a very good handicapping service. I don't want to give all their picks away because they haven't released them but on the prop bets they do have some pretty good ones. Largest lead under -13.5, Russell Wilson scoring a TD, over on Wes Welker 5.5 receptions and my personal favorite - Taking Kevin Durant points +7.5 vs Peyton Manning passing attempts. If Durant gets 25, Manning has to throw 33 times. Looks good.

  3. Thanks Guys! I'll take that as good advice!

    There are 'secret' ways to add those pictures. Type ": name of picture :" without any spaces. You will see them in the live preview if they are ones that work. On mobile, the love preview is below so scroll down (but only in new posts, not comments). Have fun with them!

  4. Field goals over - $$$$$

  5. Just don't bet on a power outage LOL