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Every time there is a dealer change there is a game they call be bom bom (or something like that). I never play it and I am not alone. Since there is a dealer change every 30 minutes there are a lot of bom boms which eats be into the time I pay for. I know a player can insist that a bom nom not be played but that gets a lot of jeers and animosity. The practice is unfair to those that lose so much time. If you insist on having them then change dealers after every hour so the bom boms are not so many and players like me do not get gipped so much.


  1. You mean bomb pots. I've never seen them in New England FWIW.

  2. Not Bom Boms silly. There called Schplomb Schplombs

  3. Soul brother too much bom bom?

  4. Super Tight

  5. @jpowers11b correct

  6. Just walk away. Go to the bathroom or whatever.. they can’t argue with you if you’re not there lol