Have you ever seen this hand

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Has Andy one ever seen this hand ever cause after 40 yrs of playing seen this for first time and said wow mind you if was a play site game but 2 players are in a preflop all in showdown 1 player has pocket 2 2 and the players has 2 . 4 suited the flop was 2 king king giving the player a full house on flop the turn card was a king and the river card case king giving the win to the other player with a 4 high wow never seen a hand win with 4 high love to know if anyone else has and how rare that is


  1. That would make a community four-of-a-kind for Kings. Players should have chopped.

  2. Edit: Never mind, I forgot the 4 made the high kicker. My bad.

  3. @BigJ80
    I have dealt it at Omaha Game weeks ago with the flop being like 5 5 5 and turned the 5.. river being like a 3 and biggest pocket pair winning in Omaha..

  4. @BigJ80 sorry dude you are wrong! Both have four of a kind but the fifth card plays. The 4 takes the pot

  5. I’ve seen similar. Specially in Omaha games. Once, I was on the losing end of it. Flop was QKQ. I’m holding pocket KKs. 2/5 NLH game at HP in LA. Of course I checked raised the rich maniac of the table. Well, I’m a bit of a loose aggressive sometime. LOL. Anyway, I jammed on the turn. He snapped call. So I thought oops! He must have flopped quads. Nope. But Q on the river. He didn’t even have a decent kicker. I was sick to my stomach.

  6. I have seen all sorts of oddball counterfeit hands. Quads on the board is pretty rare. A more common situation for ragged low cards winning would be a board that has four to a flush, and somebody is in with a 2 or 3 of that suit, with nobody else having one.