Houston Texans to win 2015 Super Bowl

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I just bet $50 on the Houston Texans to win the 2015 Super Bowl at 55/1. Somewhat of a long shot, but favoriting my home town team. You can call me crazy now, but I'm hoping that you will be calling me a genius on Feb 1, 2015. :football: :moneybag:


  1. I bet a fair amount on Missouri Over 7.5 wins. We better beat Toledo this week!

  2. @robvegaspoker Hahaha no kidding.

  3. @zourah That's a good start! What odds did you get?

  4. Had to give minus 125

  5. @zourah didn't Mizzou win like 10+ last year? 7.5 seems low, no?
    @JonFriedberg nice bet fishcake

  6. We are pretty routinely underrated. We did go 5-7 two years ago but had a lot of fluke injuries.

    Last year we went 12-2. We were picked sixth in the SEC East and we finished fifth in the country.

    I love the bet ( put five hundy on it) but we are only a slight favorite tomorrow and I'm counting on that win

  7. I like your odds. I bet the UNDER on Houston winning 7.5 games this year - at something like +160. It seems like Houston has one of the very worst QB's in the NFL, and to round it out their running game is questionable (will Arian Foster ever recover his old form?). I do alright for myself betting very small amounts on the NFL. But, inevitably, I have often bet the UNDER on the team that ultimately wins the Superbowl. I hope my bet here is a sign of good things to come for you.

  8. @allin67 Hey I appreciate the sacrifice bet, if it becomes one lol. If so I'll give you a nice tip

  9. Not a bad start, getting the "W" on game 1!

  10. denver or seahawks for meeee