Poker Movie Marathon

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So I'm doing a full day of poker at the house and I'm going to be running poker movies to go with it. Obviously, Rounders is in there but I'd like some recommendations on other poker movies to show. Thoughts?

(If someone says "Lucky You", Poker Atlas should ban them.)


  1. Cincinnati Kid is a must. Shade was interesting - pretty gritty and showed some ways to cheat that freaked me out.

  2. The Sting, all time favorite. Not all poker but there is a poker scene. Robert Redford, Paul Newman, even James Earl Jones. If you haven't seen this classic, I highly recommend.

  3. No one ever talks about "Maverick". Great flick.

  4. Good old school poker movie is "A Big Hand For The Little Lady". Kind of a old west Ocean's 11 movie with a great cast.

  5. Casino Royale had some pretty good poker scenes in it. Plus things blowing up!

  6. Just do yourself a favor and put Rounders and Cincinnati Kid on a loop and you're good.

  7. If there's not a good strip poker porn out there, I'd be stunned.

  8. I could go for some Oreos right now....

  9. Shade was like bad pizza. You ate it but you really don't know why you didn't stop after the first bite.

  10. C'mon - Lucky You wasn't that bad. You could get the full season of "Tilt" and make it extremely painful....

  11. I double-dog dare someone to sit through all the episodes of Tilt back to back and see if you're still the same person after it's over. :)

  12. I've just found this thread. Though it is old, I want to add one more film that hasn't been mentioned here. I was looking through and found Rounders. To be honest, I haven't watched it yet, I'm going to do it today. Hope it will be worth it.